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The Meaning of our Logo

07/01/2015 12:01
The logo you see on our website and church bulletins features a wavy aqua/teal background.  This is because our location is along the mighty Murray River, the largest river in Australia.  The squares in the background are like a fishing net and represent our commission to go...

Christmas Concert

21/12/2014 11:36
We had an exciting and vibrant Christmas concert with a variety of new Christmas songs arranged by Keturah Dennison and sung by the whole Dennison family and Jess Tatnal.  We had some new visitors and rejoiced together the birth of our wonderful Saviour.

Evangelist Chris Hustler

08/10/2013 21:24
Evangelist Chris Hustler is coming to preach at some meetings on the Friday 25th, Saturday 26th, and Sunday 27th of October. The Friday and Saturday are at 7pm. The Sunday is at 10.30am.

Evangelist Fraser Young

04/08/2011 16:47
We are looking forward to travelling evangelist Fraser young being with us on August 12th to 14th.  The weekend begins with a Truth for Youth rally with Murray River Baptist Church where our two youth groups will compete in a quiz on the book of Jonah.  There will be special music and...

Evangelistic Meetings with Bro. Chris Hustler

04/06/2011 17:29
Last week we had Australian evangelist Chris Hustler visit on Friday through to Sunday night.  There was a great spirit in all the meetings and we had visitors come out to each meeting.  The Lord was evidently working and blessing through Brother Chris's preaching, and we enjoyed the...

We're back!

02/05/2011 18:35
We have just regained access to our website after not being able to access it for a year.  This has been due to the person who managed our website moving to Queensland.  We appreciate her efforts to get this website up and running and appreciate her giving us the infoormation we need to...

Christmas Concert Songs

07/02/2010 16:27
They Came With Haste

Christmas Concert Success

21/12/2009 15:57
The Christmas concert of this past Sunday, we feel was a great success. The singers and musicians were God-glorifying and the following fellowship memorable and encouraging. We're working on sharing some of these moments with you in the near future. Keep watching.

Christmas Concert

29/11/2009 23:03
    On Sunday the 20th of December, we will be hosting a Christmas Concert at 10:30am. The special service will be held at our meeting place at the MADEC buildings - 337 Deakin Avenue, Mildura (Room 7). Come along and enjoy this special occasion of music and special readings to start...

"I Don't Do"

29/11/2009 22:57
    Always be willing to do the things some folk refuse to do. The world's a better place because Michaelango didn't say, "I don't do ceilings." Martin Luther didn't say, "I don't do doors;" and John Wesley didn't say, "I don't do fields;" and Noah didn't say, "I don't do boats;" and...
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