The Meaning of our Logo

07/01/2015 12:01

The logo you see on our website and church bulletins features a wavy aqua/teal background.  This is because our location is along the mighty Murray River, the largest river in Australia.  The squares in the background are like a fishing net and represent our commission to go into all the world and fish for men and women.  The fish, which from ancient times has been the symbol of what we believe as Christians (ICHTHUS is Greek for fish and as an acrostic stands for "Jesus Christ is God's Son and Saviour.") is made up of the letters GBC standing for Gospel Baptist Church.  The fish, whom we affectionately call "Guppy," is a small fish rather than a whopper, representing the need to be small in our own sight, in order to have God's grace at work in and through us. The colours represent the joy of the Lord, as does the smile, which shows our desire to be a friendly church to all around.  The eyes look up in reverence and trust to the Lord, representing what our walk with the Lord ought to be at all times. If you get in close enough, you'll even see that the sparkle in the fish's eye is in the shape of Australia (including Tasmania) which is the corner of the vineyard of the world that we live and operate from.