Where or When?

05/07/2009 21:27

    Renowned pastor Jack Hyles was returning to his motel room after attending a Bible Conference. He found the door open and heard a woman's voice singing from the bathroom. He checked the key number to see whether he was in the right room. Puzzled, he called out, "Hello?"

    An Afriacan-American maid answered, explaining that she was cleaning the bath.

    Dr. Hyles asked her if she was a Christian.

    She was startled, then laughed. "Mercy no! I'm as mean as the devil!"

    While she continued to clean in the tub, on her knees, he gave her the Bible plan of salvation. As a result, she called on the Lord to cleanse her heart. Later, Dr.Hyles said that he was probably the only person who ever led a lady to Christ in the bathtub.

    It's not important where we get saved, only that we get saved. Where did you receive God's promise of eternal life, and more importantly, when?