The Big #12

26/10/2009 20:10

The Dennison Family would like to announce the arrival of new baby son/brother Hayden Isaac Dennison born at 4:35am on the 17th of October, he weighed in at 7lb, 5oz and the birth was quick and relatively easy. He was born still in the unbroken sack which the nurses say is the best way a baby can be born as it prevents any injury or scratches in the birthing process. Another nurse told us that in Ireland, it is considered a thing of good luck when a baby is born still in the unburst sack, and insists such a child will never drown. Although we don't believe in good luck, we're thankful that both Mama and bubba came through safely and healthily...

Hayden means "From the Hedged Valley" which is in reference to being in the center of a wall of protection (hedge) and in a fruitful place (valley) and "Victorious". May he grow up in the centre of God's will, surrounded by the protection of God's walls, be always victorious over the lure of this world and blessed by the fruitfulness of walking with God . =)

Rejoice with us at the arrival of our 12th child - 8 boys and 4 girls!!


Pastor Gifford, Leanne and family!!