Count Your Blessings

06/09/2009 22:18

    One day a church youth group began discussing the importance of prayer. Some of those in the group displayed little interest in the topic until a visitor rose to his feet and announced, "I don't believe in God the way you do and I don't think that prayer has any real power to change things or to make things happen. I would like to see you convince me otherwise."

    Within a few minutes, the entire group was actively involved in trying to change his opinion about God and about prayer.

    After listening for a while the stranger asked, "Can anyone give me an actual illustration of an important prayer that God answered for you?" An embarrassing silence fell over the group and the smug visitor concluded, "I guess I won my point."

    If you were there that night, what specific illustrations could you have given to prove that God hears and answers prayers?

    A man I know was asked a similar question and spent the next two hours telling stories of dramatic answers to prayer in his life. He could have gone on a lot longer with numerous other examples.

    As a project this week, why not sit down and write down some answers to prayer you have had, and as the songwriter wrote,

"Count your blessings,

Name them one by one,

And it will surprise you

What the Lord has done!"