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    Hello and welcome to our church - Gospel Baptist Church, Mildura VIC, AUSTRALIA.  We're glad you've clicked on our website. Feel free to browse our pages and leave some feedback for us.  We look forward to hearing from you. "For the Love of Christ... "

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    Please bear with us as we attempt to set up this website.  Any advice or tips are very welcome - please see our Guestbook page.

Our Church


We have moved!  Due to MADEC having to demolish some of its buildings, we have had to find a new place to hold services.  The Lord led us from the building on the left, to the Greek Community Hall at 23 Elizabeth Ave, Mildura, pictured on the right, just opposite the Centro Mildura Mall.


Evangelist Chris Hustler

08/10/2013 21:24
Evangelist Chris Hustler is coming to preach at some meetings on the Friday 25th, Saturday 26th, and Sunday 27th of October. The Friday and Saturday are at 7pm. The Sunday is at 10.30am.

Evangelist Fraser Young

04/08/2011 16:47
We are looking forward to travelling evangelist Fraser young being with us on August 12th to 14th.  The weekend begins with a Truth for Youth rally with Murray River Baptist Church where our two youth groups will compete in a quiz on the book of Jonah.  There will be special music and...

Evangelistic Meetings with Bro. Chris Hustler

04/06/2011 17:29
Last week we had Australian evangelist Chris Hustler visit on Friday through to Sunday night.  There was a great spirit in all the meetings and we had visitors come out to each meeting.  The Lord was evidently working and blessing through Brother Chris's preaching, and we enjoyed the...
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